Pricing is for the standard PQube2 without Ethernet, current clamps and other options.  Please contact us for details.

Power Quality monitoring: "Your PQube is like the black box on an aircraft: if anything goes wrong with the power, it records all the details."

  • Three-phase and single-phase monitoring up to 690V, 50/60/400Hz. 
  • Auto power configuration for any world-wide power. 
    • Voltage dips, swells, and interruptions - waveforms and RMS graphs. 
    • Over-frequency and under-frequency events. 
    • 1-microsecond high-frequency impulse detection. 
    • THD, TDD, and time-triggered snapshots. 
    • Voltage and current unbalance. 
    • IEC Flicker - Pinst, PST, PLT. 
    • Detailed event recording, plus daily, weekly, monthly trends. Cumulative probability, histograms, and more. 

Energy monitoring: "The most accurate little monitor on the market. Complete energy information."

    • Watts, VA, VAR's, true Power Factor, Watt-hours, VA-hours. 
    • Daily and accumulated CO2, and CO2 rate (patent pending). 
    • Peaks: single-cycle peak, 1-minute, and 15-minute averages. 
    • CT ratios support up to 50,000 amps . PT ratios support up to 6,900,000 volts. 
    • Daily, weekly, monthly trends. Load duration curves and more. 

No software required! The PQube automatically writes these files on a standard digital camera SD card:


    • Spreadsheets: CSV Excel®-compatible files; events, trends, statistics. 
    • Pictures: Event and trend/statistics graphs - dual-language picture graphs output directly from PQube in typical GIF format 
    • PQDIF: the IEEE's standard for power quality data files. 
    • Text, XML, and HTML summaries: perfect for interfacing with other programs. 

Multiple Language Support PQube Languages : NL, FR, E,......

Easy data retrieval:

    • Sneakernet: Pop out SD card, just like a digital camera, and copy files to your PC. 
    • Ethernet: 
      • Email for easy approval by IT department. Automatically sends you events, trends, and statistics in the language of your choice. 
      • Built-in web server - see live meters, retrieve history files, and more. 
      • FTP server for easy file transfer. 
      • Modbus-TCP. 
  • Additional channels: two analog inputs, one digital input, one relay output, and two temperature-humidity monitoring channels. 
  • 256 samples-per-cycle measurements on all channels. 
  • About 2 gigabytes per year of data. PQube comes standard with 8-gigabyte SD-card for data storage. Can use 16-gigabyte SD cards. 
  • Full color display. 25+ languages, date/time setup, recent events, meters, and more. 
  • DIN-rail or panel mount. 
  • Built-in Li-Ion UPS. Power from 24 VAC, 24-48VDC, or optional 100~240 VAC power supply. 
  • FREE individual NIST calibration certificate for every PQube!